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    • Can be used with face shield, together protects face from various hazardous
    • Chipping, grinding, machining, masonry work, riveting, & sanding; Glare; Chemical splash: Acid & chemical handling, degreasing, plating, etc; Furnace operations, molten metals, hot dipping
    • Standard: ANSI Z87.1

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Aluminium, flip up type carrier
Front mounting cap bracket with spring retainer
This safety system can be fitted together with helmet & face shield
Use with all face shields that have a universal hole pattern
Complete safety system can be used as face and head protection system meet regulated performance and safety requirements
Protections against high-speed impact at high temperature, penetration
Protects against splashes, spatters (e.g. liquid, small molten metal splash etc.)
Suitable for different work environment
Weight : 113 grm.