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    • Can be used where eye & face exposed to:
      • ARC Welding, spot welding, soldering
      • Heavy, Medium, Light Gas welding
      • Atomic hydrogen welding
      • Heavy, Medium, Light Cutting
      • Torch brazing
    • Protects face exposed to splashes, high speed flying small & medium fragments
    • Standard: EN 166, ANSI Z87.1

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Flip type front window with clear and DIN glass, extend fully to cover a wearer?s face
Elasticated head band designed fit with universal helmet
Fits over the spec
Wrap around design Provides full protection against splashes, spatters etc.
Lens filter DIN glasses, protects IR rays emitted from welding related techniques
Protects against 99% UV protection
Protections against high-speed impact
Best optical quality (astigmatic refractive power, prismatic refractive power, and light diffusion)
DIN glasses can be customized
Suitable for different work environment