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Risks in the Petrochemical Industry

An incident of short-term exposure to extreme temperatures, as in a fire breakout or explosion in a Petrochemical (and allied) industries, can deal a significant amount of damage to workers at close proximity. Such damages unfortunately can range between permanent disability to even death. At the organizational level, such incidents then entail a lowered confidence in employees, huge medical expenses, non-compliance lawsuits, infrastructural damage, etc.

According to the recent data published by OSHA, from 2008 to 2017, there has been about 1,566 deaths related to fire and explosions in Gas and Oil industries. And the increasing number of workers succumbing to their injuries sustained from ‘occasional’ jet fire, pool fire, flash fire, explosions during production and exploration is alarming.

Udyogi’s Inherent Flame Retardant (IFR) clothing and PPE solution are precisely designed to withstand the catastrophe that always lingers as a possibility in the Petrochemical industries.

Key Hazards as per OSHA

Flash Fire

Jet Fire


Chemical Hazard

Radiation Heat

Molten Metals

Significance of IFR Clothing and PPE Solution
Safety regulations require every organization to follow a set standard of providing proper PPEs to workers deployed in settings with higher risks of injury such as in Petrochemical plants and allied industries. However, not only because of the heavy non-compliance penalties but also because every organization must value life. They must understand and evaluate the risk factors, resulting from the presence of hazardous materials attributing very low flashpoints, LELs (Lower Explosive Limit) and a broad inflammable or explosion range (in the form of suspended inflammable dust and liquid).

Udyogi’s IFR Coverall and Body Suit
Udyogi’s IFR clothing range constituting Coverall, Snap jackets, Bib pants, detachable IFR suits, etc., are designed to tackle all forms of high-temperature incidents in Petrochemical (and allied) industries. As the name suggests, Inherent Flame Retardant (IFR) clothing is made of premium quality, non-inflammable materials, that translates to it being unignitable and self-extinguishable. As a result, Udyogi’s IFR PPEs do not allow the flame to continue burning, (one of the greatest challenges), and thereby inhibiting any more damage after the fire is over.

Other Essential Accessories
Udyogi’s other essential PPEs include the Head Protection, Gloves, and Boots that ensures 360-degree coverage. These accessories are especially designed to combat the risks at Petrochemical and Oil & Gas plants. Just like the IFR coverall/body suit, Udyogi’s essential Head Protection, Gloves and Boots are equally capable of minimizing damages associated with Flash fire due to suspended inflammable dust, fuel or vapor in the environment.

Other significant characteristics and benefits offered by Udyogi IFR Clothing Solution:

  • IFR clothing can buy additional escape time
  • IFR self-extinguishes, thereby saving the person from any further damage caused post-incident
  • Udyogi’s IFR solution for Petrochemical industries comply with NFPA 70E and EN ISO 11612. The primary objective is to ensure that workers are safe while performing their duties, and this can only be achieved by implementing proper safety procedures and wearing correct PPEs.

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