Workplace Health, Safety, Risk Assessment and overarching management can not be compromised. These are the grounds on which large and compact organizations ideally function. And, Udyogi in association with other highly reputed health and safety institutions, has been realizing that by equipping industrial-setups and organizations with the most recent developments in the said spheres.

Udyogi has successfully navigated more than 4 decades long journey of guaranteeing high standards in workplace health, safety, and risk management. Our association with the various institutions devoted to multiple aspects of workplace health and safety, has only added to the impact we have been creating worldwide.

Udyogi is a Proud Member of the following Safety Associations

British Safety Council

British Safety Council is one of the leaders in Health and Safety, shaping the outlook of the governments to ensure the same through legal steps and enactments, and providing the organizations with proper knowledge and guidance. British Safety Council firmly believes in ensuring workplace safety and good health through awards, recognition, knowledge sharing, and various ongoing assessments. British Safety Councils’ motto is that “No one should be injured or made ill through their work”


SAMA: Association of Occupational Safety Appliances & Services – Providers, Manufacturers, Distributors & Dealers, is yet another renowned name, equally devoted to the cause of workplace safety and health, through proper equipments and measures. SAMA’s objectives took off from assisting Safety Appliances manufacturers, to gradually becoming a reliable safety institution. SAMA is significantly making progress in matching pace with modern industrial hazards, to ensure good health & safety of the workers with equally modern solutions.