Height Access

Risks in Working at Height

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 605 workers were killed and an estimated 212,760 were known to be seriously injured by falls on the same or lower level, a few years ago. Udyogi designs and manages solutions to provide maximum protection to workers at the workplace. The planning of having a proper access is done in advance, keeping in mind the kind of risk at the site.

Key Hazards as per OSHA


Fragile Roof

Vertical Distance Fall

Trip, Slip and Fall

To ensure safe access, there might be many solutions such as safe walkways, roadways, staircase, gangways, scaffolds and ladders that are appropriately situated and well-lit at all times to avoid slipping and tripping hazards. The access points like the handrails, doors, handles, tiles and the steps need to be regularly inspected, maintained and repaired. Windy conditions could also have a possible impact on the access. Whether the work involves a vertical movement or horizontal movement, Udyogi enables organisations to create a safer environment for the workforce.

Udyogi ensures that the workplace should:

  • Be stable and exhibit sufficient rigidity and strength for their purpose
  • Securely rest on stable and strong surfaces
  • Be of adequate size to permit the safe use for plant and persons
  • Possess means for preventing a fall

Udyogi offers solutions for horizontal & inclined movement and vertical movement by carefully identifying the anchor points at the workplace to ensure that equipment in place can sustain the necessary load. The prime objective of each solution is to help keep workers safe and comfortable during cleaning, inspection and maintenance on roofs or facade. A detailed assessment, planning, selection of appropriate equipment and training ensures that the solution is complete and usable. This leads to:

  • Identification of risks and hazards
  • Elimination of hazard where possible
  • Work restraint – preventing or guiding access to hazardous zone
  • Development of fall arrest system


Udyogi realises the importance of maintaining safe access arrangements, hence takes cares of:

  • Site Access

In case of an emergency, one should always follow the suitable access control procedures each time you enter or exit a controlled work area or a site.

  • Egress Routes

Egress routes require being clearly identified, marked, unobstructed, well-lit and maintained to enable personnel on site to exit quickly, in an emergency. Whether climbing up or climbing down, right safety equipment should be used. It is important to identify and familiarise workers with the egress routes and emergency response models from your work area and the site.

  • Arrangement of Work Area

An organised work area is crucial to ensure enough height and space for access and egress to carry out operations safely. Understanding of space and safe working procedures are needed in areas with limited access including confined spaces.

  • Hazardous Work Areas

Access restrictions such as barriers are important for hazardous work areas. Elevated work platforms, roofs, confined spaces, slippery surface, floor openings and areas over or near water are hazards that need to be addressed. Workers in a hazardous area must follow the access procedures designed for their specific work area. For example – since facade cleaning involves a high risk of fall accidents, it requires strict adherence to safety guidelines that range from a full-body harness, cradles to a safety harness. etc.

These fall protection solutions are mainly of two types:

Fall Prevention
This may include effective guardrail systems, hole covers, warning or marking systems, fall restraining systems and positioning devices.

Fall Arrest Systems
This may include safety net systems, personal fall protection equipment (anchorage, shock absorption lanyards, full body harnesses, retractable block, lifeline system, etc.) and rescue system.

Height Access Devices and PPE

  • Anchor Points
  • Horizontal and Inclined Fall Arrest
  • Vertical Fall Arrest
  • Works in Suspension
  • Accessories

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