Rescue from Height

Risks in Rescuing from Height

Almost 42% of the fatalities are due to fall according to the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR). According to National Institute for Occupational Health & Safety, more than 60% of the times, fatalities recorded are those of the would be rescuer due to inappropriate devices being used or lack of safety measures.

Hence, it becomes essential for industries to adopt effective measures to safeguard the workers from hazards in this area.

Key Hazards as per OSHA

Unprotected Edges

Fragile Roof

Trip, Slip and Fall

Vertical Distance Fall


Confined Space

Inflammable Environment

Adverse Weather Conditions

Fall from Height

The regulatory compliance to the safety standards helps Udyogi to take organisations through the complexity of professional rescue and industrial work at heights. If a person falls from height and is hanging there, the risk still hasn’t passed. Studies have shown that even an uninjured person who is hanging from height runs the risk of incurring a suspension trauma within 20 minutes leading to a life-threatening situation. It becomes necessary to have effective rescue system in place to rescue the person before the worker suffers a suspension trauma. Effective fall protection strategy requires identification of risk, available infrastructure and space and a combination of products that work together to mitigate the risk. A comprehensive solution including body support, the anchorage, connecting device and rescue system is developed for a complete fall protection system, improving the safety environment.

Udyogi has garnered on ground expertise through years of partnering with clients across industry segments and collaboration with global giants in the area of safety. Udyogi accesses an array of options from automatic to manual and single to multiple users to enable organisations to deal with emergency situations to provide comprehensive safety solutions in extreme work environments.

There are two types of rescue systems recognized by OSHA

  • Self-Rescue, which includes the use of a personal fall arrest system, and proper use of PPEs.
  • Assisted Rescue, which involves another trained worker who promptly responds to a fall and initiates the rescue protocol immediately.

Udyogi helps in:

  • Creating a near hazard-free environment – evaluating each part of the work environment and processes to identify potential hazards, create solutions to protect from hazards & optimise for the best work outcomes.
  • Provide appropriate personal protective equipment aligned to the work environment and training to employees on usage along with implementation of correct rescue system
  • Training the employees on the hazards, create an environment of alertness and prevention tips helping build up a culture of vigil at all times.


Confined Space

When workers operate in a confined environment, safety and its compliance become the top-most priorities. As per the OSHA’s fall protection standards for the general industry, all operations executed above a height of four feet require compliance. The rescue solutions implied can help protect your employees by planning in advance for every contingency. Our skilled rescue teams are prepared to provide the highest levels of protection and safety for your valued personnel during rescue operations. Udyogi offers a 360-degree range of Confined Space rescue devices including Davit Arm systems, Tripods, Pole Hoist, Winches, Side entrance and Tank pod systems, personal fall arrest, etc.

The confined space experts at Udyogi ensure the safety of your workers through both preparedness and response:

  • Conducting a thorough review of your rescue and safety equipment
  • Onsite safety briefings, which may include rescue scenario planning
  • Ascent, descent, retrieval and traversing rope systems for access to near-by elevated platforms and other locations
  • Rescue standby systems assuring the use of compliant techniques
  • Raising and lowering systems to facilitate easy access by personnel


Udyogi assesses the work environment and enables workers to incorporate the latest standards of safety in their everyday functioning, especially during shutdown. Thus, continuously improving on the commitment to world-class safety and preventing the occurrence of accidents in its client environment


Rescue from Height Devices and PPE

  • Auto Descender
  • Self Rescue
  • Assisted Rescue
  • Accessories

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