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    • Protects eyes exposed to medium level impacts
    • Best used for eyes exposed to confined space grinding, small liquid splashes, sparks etc.
    • Can be used in different work environment
    • Standard: ANSI Z87.1, EN 166, CE

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Protects against splash and dust
Flip-up shield
Fully adjustable Headband attached to fits most users
Compatibility with majority of disposable respirator
Incredibly light, resilient, durable & over the spec protective eyewear for all day wear
Vent at the bottom for air circulation
Soft vinyl goggle
Soft goggle body conforms to facial contours for a very comfortable fit to ensure for long time wearing
Indirect & engineered venting system that circulates air yet prevents dust, splashes
Optical class I
Anti-fog & hard coating on lens
Lens filters out 99% of harmful UV light
Lens provides medium velocity impact & splash protection around the eyes
Universal fit soft nose bridge conforms to facial contours to ensure a comfortable fit
Suitable for different work environment & for both men and women