Udyogi Services

Udyogi offers its customers the facility of maintaining, repairing, calibrating and services related to recertification for the products mentioned below. The services are conducted by the trained technicians at Udyogi to ensure long-lasting equipment and optimal performance.

Why Annual Service is Required

  • Legal Compliance – as per anchorage standard EN795:2012 and EN 365:2004 all Fall Protection Equipment must be inspected and recertified at least every 12 months by a competent person (4.4.)
  • Mandatory Inspection – All Fall protection equipment must be inspected after any fall, by a competent person before being used again (4.2.2. m)
  • Revalidation – Inspecting/ servicing the fall protection equipment means longer life and optimum performance
  • All eye/face wash stations must be inspected annually to make sure they meet BIS:10592 requirements

Various equipment services may include:

  • Retractable blocks annual servicing
  • Anchor point testing
  • Lanyards inspection
  • Helmet inspection
  • Harness Inspection
  • Fit Test
  • BA Set and Gas Detector Inspection
  • Rescue Services
  • Fire pump service
  • Beam Roller / Fixed beam anchor inspection and service
  • Rope grab fall arrester inspection and testing
  • Work at height, rescue and confined space training
  • Height Access
  • Lifeline
  • Safety shower inspection and service
  • Rescue kit annual inspection and vacuum packing

How does it work?

Professional repair and maintenance of equipment is a crucial part of protection equipment. There are warranty services, repair and maintenance services for major products sold by Udyogi. Servicing helps in organisations being cost effective and increase the working life of the product. In case of fall protection, these may include self-retracting lifelines, confined space equipment and rescue devices.

The state-of-the-art selection of material and innovative design features offered by Udyogi makes cleaning and maintenance of equipment simple incase it has to be done by the internal teams. The workshops support in maintaining your equipment as per your workplace. Recertification and servicing are essential in assuring safe operations. The service technicians are certified and factory-trained by Udyogi and also the companies Udyogi represents exclusively in India. Every piece of equipment being serviced is returned with the required certification.