Corporate Social Responsibility

Enhancing the Quality of Life of Community

Good Governance demands adherence to social responsibility coupled with the creation of value in the larger interest of the general public. Udyogi aim’s to enhance the quality of life of community in general with a strong sense of social responsibility. At Udyogi, we have always taken responsibility for our actions. This concept is deeply rooted in our approach and forms an important element of our corporate culture.

All Udyogi employees carry the responsibility of protecting lives. After all, whenever our products are used, people entrust us with their lives. This responsibility doesn’t just apply to the here and now, but also to ensuring quality of life for years to come.

We’re helping our clients implement sustainable business practices and products and at the same time, we’re doing the same throughout our facilities. We recognize that the investments we make now will result in savings for us and the planet in the future. We also continue to reduce our environmental impact and are helping our customers reduce theirs.

We continue to expand our line of environmentally friendly products and encourage recycling and reuse. This is why we get involved in issues far beyond the boundaries of our company grounds; for our customers, our employees, and for the society as a whole.

Knowledge First

Udyogi Foundation’s flagship Corporate Social Responsibility Program¬†“Knowledge First” is an integral part of our philanthropy program – Health & Safety comes through Knowledge.

Now in its 3rd year, Knowledge First has to date helped 2500 underprivileged children access their right to education.

The program has built & supported over four schools, in Sagar & one School in Sundarban area investing part of our profits beyond business, for the larger good of society.

Since its inception,¬†“Knowledge First” has made a cumulative donation of over INR 20 Lacs towards helping children on the path to better education.

Apart from all above Udyogi is also involved in protecting & promoting the environment by complying with applicable environmental regulations.

Industrial Safety

Udyogi is also conducting need-based Industrial Safety Training for several projects & Industries on call.

School Buildings

In the vicinity of the Sagar area, various school buildings have been supported in their infrastructure repairs: for example – creating separate toilets for boys and girls. Below mentioned is the list schools which Udyogi is helping through their CSR programs

Sl. No Name of School Village No. of Students
1 Sonali Sankar Sishu Sikha Niketan Kastala 65
2 Sahaj Path Bhavan Khasramkhar 109
3 Shishir Bhaban krishnanagar 345
4 Shishu Bikash Krishnanagar 75
5 Friends Children Academy Harin Bari 244
6 Good News Mission School Radhakrishnapur 105
7 Vivekananda Rudranagar 185
8 Gangamoni Sishu Niketan Khasmahal 238
9 Kamalpur High School Kamalpur 125
Total 1553

Eye Camp

Udyogi has also conducted Eye Camps in association with Eye Hospital of Kolkata with the help of a dedicated team of doctors and volunteers from local clubs in nearby places. During the year about 45 cataract operations were successfully conducted and also free spectacles were supplied with required prescription glasses as recommended by doctors.

Supplying Water

Udyogi has also undertaken a project of supplying pure cold water to villagers & passerby in Kachuberia of Sagar District during the summer season. To do this Udyogi manages the supply of water and maintains Heavy Duty Water Coolers in two locations of the area.