Cut Protection

Risks in Working with Sharp Mechanical Equipment

As per data collected by the National Labour Inspectorate, several accidents are a result of mechanical hazards at workplace, including incidents in the manufacturing processes (50% of the serious and among those registered permanent injury), machinery cleaning (25%) and also during maintenance and repair (25%).

Key Hazards as per OSHA





Udyogi has a range of solutions to provide hand protection to workers working near or with machines, working with metal sheets and fine edges or glass. Though cut can happen in any body part, effective safeguarding practices could prevent the occurrence of such risks.

It is highly crucial to safeguard the point of operation by:

  • Reducing the potential contact with sharp objects
  • Reducing the possibility of an object falling into the moving parts of the machine
  • Reducing the possibility of a worker coming in contact with shear points, unfinished or jagged edges
  • Allowing lubrication of the machine without the removal of the safeguards


The hand gloves offered by Udyogi ensures safety against cuts and abrasion, thereby extending comfort to the workers without hindering their daily operations. Organisations have a range of choice between gloves designed to assist those where lower cut risks are present whilst others are more suited for those exposed to medium and high cut risks.

These gloves are tested extensively for:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Cut resistance – Coupe test
  • Tear resistance
  • Puncture resistance
  • Cut Resistance – TDM 100 test
  • Impact Protection


Udyogi also offers hand gloves which can safeguard people from dual hazards like:

  • Cut and Oil Hazards
  • Cut and Cold Hazards
  • Cut and Chemical Hazards
  • Cut and Heat Hazards

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