Cryo/Cold Protection

Risks in Handling Cryogenic Liquids

Handling cryogenic liquids represent several hazards and workers handling such materials need to be trained in how to handle them safely. Emergency protocol should be established and rehearsed, training provided in the operation of all equipment and there should be knowledge and appreciation of hazardous properties of the materials. Protective gear is essential for handling any cryogenic liquid.

Key Hazards as per OSHA

Cold Temperature


Adverse Weather Conditions

Generally recommended protective apparel for handling cryogenic liquids include the following:

  • Fitting gloves
  • Protective face shield and goggles
  • Protective apron without pockets
  • Protective gaiters
  • Pants without cuffs
  • Gaiters

For maximum dexterity and safety, cryogenic apparel must fit properly. Although they should be loose enough to allow for quick removal if necessary, apparel that is too large impairs dexterity and function. Tight apparel leads to thermal loss.

Cryo/Cold solutions from Udyogi offers:

  • Protection from splashes and contact cold in Industrial settings
  • Protection when working with liquid Nitrogen in Industrial settings
  • Superior dexterity and hand protection when working with liquid Nitrogen
  • Protection from the extreme hazards of liquid Oxygen
  • Splash protection when using Cryogenic liquids
  • Thermal protection when dispensing Cryogenic liquids


Key features:

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Cryogenic protection for ultra-cold applications down to -196°C (-320°F)
  • Made from state-of-the-art materials that are lightweight for comfort and ease of movement
  • Multiple lengths and sizes available for maximum safety
  • Adjustable straps to help ensure a proper fit
  • Quick-release buckles for swift on/off function
  • Safety certified to meet EN standards: EN 511, EN 388, EN ISO 13688:2013

The importance of the workplace being free from recognised hazards is understood by us and thus we suggest employing appropriate PPE as well as safe work practices. Along with proper protective equipment, it is vital to train the workers on the appropriate engineering controls and work practices to minimise the risk of stress. Udyogi offers protection while dispensing or transporting cyrogenic liquids, which may pose as a threat to workers if not managed properly.

Udyogi has over four decades of experience in designing the right solution for organisations given the hazards prevalent in the workplace.


Cyro/Cold Protection PPE

  • Hand protection against liquid Nitrogen (Waterproof)
  • Hand protection against liquid Nitrogen (Non-Waterproof)
  • Body protection against liquid Nitrogen (Non-Waterproof)
  • Face protection against cryogenic materials
  • Hand protection against liquid Oxygen
  • Body protection against liquid Oxygen

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