VES – Electrical Emergency Rescue Kit

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    • The electrical safety kit allows to assist people in presence of electrical hazards, up to 25 kV network with model VES25 or up to 36 kV network with model VES36
    • This kit is particularly suitable for the following situations
      • Road accidents
      • Electric and hybrid cars
      • Cable removal
      • Work on photovoltaic panels
      • Work on electrified railways

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500 in stock



    • Insulating stool: 25 000V or 36 000V models available
    • Insulating gloves: GLB3-36-10 (class 3) for model VES25 or GLB4-41-10 (class 4) for model VES36
    • Insulating boots TB19: protection against step voltage (voltage gradient in the ground).
    • Insulating stick PPOLVES, equipped with a hook CSVES: telescopic stick with pentagonal shape for a perfect grip
    • Voltage detector TDPESEC: detects all voltages of 127 V AC and above (does not detect DC voltages)
    • Cable cutter CCIVES: Insulated 36 000 V cable cutter
    • Talc shaker TS10T: for easier donning of gloves
    • Fabric case for gloves TS10: Mechanical and UV protection
    • Adhesive marker tape S174JN: for marking off an area, preventing a disconnect switch from being reset, etc
    • Instruction for use VESNOT: in diagram form for quick reading and guidance


    • Compact: For easier storage in vehicles, the case is 600 x 400 x 310 mm size
    • Mobility: Exclusive wheel system and handle to facilitate access to the intervention area
    • Tough: The materials and the manufacturing process have been chosen to give the case optimum service life
    • High Visibility: Retro-reflective strips are used for greater visibility
    • Optimised Storage: The case packs a lot of equipment into a small space