Unitag LV Voltage Detector

Quick Info

    • Unipolar detector designed to test the presence of phase on insulated or bare LV conductors
    • AC system
    • AC mains frequency: 50-60 Hz
    • Field of use: from 50V up to 1000V
    • Detection by direct contact at 50V
    • CAT IV 1000V
    • IP65: dust tight
    • Temperature: – 15 ° C to +45 ° C
    • 2 x LR03 1.5 volt alkaline (AAA)
    • Delivered with soft bag suitable for belt fixing
    • Applications:
      • The level of detection is indicated by a LED bargraph and a beeping sound which speed increases as device approaches a live source
      • It is commonly used for detecting stray voltage on poles and cross arms, conductor disconnection on overhead insulated LV conductors
      • UNITAG will not replace a standard “proving dead” device but is an ideal complement to bipolar LV detector
    • Standard: 1000V CAT IV – IP65

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