Ultra 5000 Series

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    • Protects our heads from falling objects.
    • Can be used in construction, process industries etc.
    • Standard: IS 2925: 1984, EN 397, DGMS


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  • Made of HDPE material
  • Designed for use in industries where there is a hazard that can damage the skull
  • Aesthetic look with a smooth finish – solid colour resin for a permanent, no-chip, no-peel finish
  • Three ribs at the top of the helmet
  • Greater impact resistance and crack resistance
  • 6-point plastic/textile suspension with slip fit or ratchet fit adjustment
  • Adjustable chin strap for customized fit and comfort
  • High quality, non-contact sweatband maximizes for optimal cooling and hygiene


Testing of helmets




6-Point Plastic Ratchet Fit

6-Point Plastic Slip Fit




Chin Strap

Chin Cup