Chemical Absorbent PAD CPD90

Quick Info


  • Spill Type: These PAD’s are suitable for absorbing a wide range of aggressive chemicals spill like Acids/Alkalis/Alcohols, bases or unknown liquids, paints, solvents, and many other chemicals.
  • Absorption Capacity: 90 Liters/Case
  • Size: 15” X 19”
  • Color: Yellow
  • Application: Handling and transferring chemicals in the workplace.
  • Recommended Industries: Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Construction, Agriculture, Mining, Transportation, Healthcare.
  • Storage: Keeping the absorbents out of direct sunlight, clean and dry area.
  • Composition: Polypropylene


Data Sheet

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These Chemical absorbent pads are dust-free.
Don’t leave fibers in the liquid.
Pads are ideal for cleaning up small/big spills, wiping down contaminated areas.
General day to day clean-ups and operations in the workplace.
Flame Resistant.
High-capacity chemical absorbency with plain construction and simple to use.
Helps to fast and effective containment and clean-up.
Easy to use during a spill accident.
Chemical Resistant.
Quick absorbency and easy to use.