• Spill Type: These pads are suitable for absorbing wide range of aggressive chemicals spill like Acids / Alkalis / Alcohols, bases or unknow liquids, paints, solvents and many other chemicals
  • Absooption Capacity: 85 Liters /
  • Case Size: 15 inch X 19 inch
  • Colour: Grey
  • Product Type: Universal Absorbent Drum Top Pad
  • Application Area: While clearing / handing Industrial Machinery /Equipment, Maintenances of the shop floor, repair and operations
  • Industry: Chemical, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Construction, Mining, Transportation, Pharmaceutical, General Manufacturing, Primary Metals, Laboratories R&D Centre, Docks, Healthcare, Agriculture, Maintenance Repair & Operation

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  • These Universal absorbent pads are dust free
  • Don’t leave fibers in the liquid
  • General day to day clean-ups and operations in the workplace
  • Flame Resistant
  • Pads are Ideal for cleaning up small / big spills, wiping down contaminated areas
  • High-capacity chemical absorbency with plain construction and simple to use
  • Helps to fast and effective containment and clean-up
  • Easy to use during a spill accident
  • Cost Effective Choice to absorb oil and water-based fluids
  • Quick absorbency and easy to use