Universal Absorbent Socks USK195

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    • Spill Type: These Universal Absorbent Socks are suitable for absorbing a wide range of oils, coolants, solvents, water-based fluids, Water Soluble Oils, Non-aggressive liquids, paints
    • Absorption Capacity: 195 Liters/Case
    • Size: 3” X 4ft
    • Color: Grey
    • Application: While clearing/handing Industrial Machinery /Equipment, Maintenances of the shop floor, repair and operations
    • Recommended Industries: Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Construction, Automotive, Mining, Transportation, Primary Metals, Food Processing, Maintenance Repair & Operation, General Manufacturing
    • Storage: Keeping the absorbents out of direct sunlight, clean and dry area
    • Composition: Polypropylene


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These Universal absorbent socks are dust-free
Don’t leave fibers in the liquid
Easy to fold and put around types of machinery or structures
It helps prevent leaks/spills from spreading to adjacent areas
Ideal for placing around types of equipment, use on land, indoor purpose, also ideal to get out enormous scope spills in the workplace
Easy to use during a spill accident
Designed to contain constant drips or leaks
Helps holding high-capacity liquids
Outer skin reduces dust exposure and tearing
High capacity of liquid absorbency