SecuRail 2016 lifeline rail system

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    • Rigid and versatile fall arrest rail system
    • Unique profile has high inertia that enables a 6 m spam between supports
    • Ideal for securing work sites with low fall clearance, e.g. gantry cranes due to the strong presence of machinery below
    • For 2 users, Span of 6 m
    • Material: Anodized aluminium
    • Absorbs dilatation/contraction
    • Possibility of custom-made solutions with the Fallprotec’s engineering department
    • Horizontal SecuRail lifeline rail system on ground
      • Trolley VIA 1 & VIA 5
      • The rollers are in stainless steel with bushings to improve their movement along the rail
      • The Trolley VIA 5 works for wall configuration
      • Different VIA trolleys are available depending on the system configuration
    • Applications: Maintenance of industrial roofs, residential roofs, gantry cranes and overhead crane systems (industrial height safety), architectural highlights and monuments roofs, airport roofs, commercial office and mall roofs, working in confined spaces,  machines in production facilities, loading and unloading trucks
    • Standard: Working at height legislation EN795:2012 Type D | CEN/TS16415:2013

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