Udyogi’s COVID-19 Relief Drive in West Bengal

Udyogi, via Udyogi Foundation Trust, is hosting relief campaigns for communities adversely affected by the pandemic. Despite the Government’s relief schemes in place during the 42-days long country-wide lockdown, India needed others to shoulder their responsibilities towards the affected to contain the disease. 

Udyogi Foundation, supported by Udyogi, has always been at the forefront to recognise its responsibilities to the society. In the past 2 months or more, not only did we pivot a 45 year old organisation’s manufacturing facilities to support the COVID warriors with their need for PPE, it has also helped deprived citizens of India with material support

Schools supported by Udyogi Foundation in remote areas gave us a strong platform to identify the really needy and support them through this difficult journey. Afterall, the community around our schools form a part of the Udyogi family.