Udyogi launches COVID-19 Essential PPE kits

The COVID-19 PPE Kits is Udyogi’s effort towards providing governments, medical institutions and other institutions with a one-stop-shop for all their needs around PPE products. Udyogi seeks to serve bulk buying needs of healthcare professionals and government organizations, banks, etc. as the nation continues to fight the virus. In these unprecedented times, Udyogi remains committed to serve the nation by providing instant access to PPE products to those who are serving the country at such a challenging time.

The COVID-19 PPE Kits have been specifically curated to provide instant access to critical safety solutions as a composite unit. Udyogi’s experience of over 40 years in the field of safety means that customers need not spend time searching or putting together individual products. Our experts have created comprehensive solutions for total safety under different circumstances and needs.

Udyogi’s agility under these circumstances to pivot a 45 year old organisation to serve the country at a critical hour of need gives us at Udyogi great satisfaction. All of us are available through the lockdown, digitally to serve our customers, our COVID warriors and our country.

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