Udyogi Chemical Exposure Protection

Why Udyogi Chemical Exposure Protection?


The initial 10 to 15 seconds post exposure to any hazardous material is crucial to avoid any damage to the worker’s skin and eyes. Delay of a few seconds’ could prove to be fatal and result in serious injury and blindness. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 15,110 workers in the U.S. were prone to chemical exposure. Out of which, 4,580 experience chemical exposure to the eyes. More than 25,000 workers are reported almost each year with serious injuries to the eyes.


Key Hazards as per OSHA


Contamination Biohazzard

Corrosive Substance

Molten Metal Spill

Udyogi conducts a complete site evaluation to identify the high-risk areas, potential hazards and the emergency needs. Facility managers, at first, need to decipher the type of protection that is required. Some facilities may have risk from particulates, in which eyewash stations are required to be installed. In case, the worker is exposed to chemicals, then installation of safety showers are needed to rinse the entire body. Udyogi helps organisations establish a concrete safety plan with appropriate emergency fixtures. It contributes to providing safety, hydration and tempering solutions during times of exposure to hazardous materials.

Udyogi solutions help clients improve access of the stations to the potential hazards area identifying an unobstructed route between the two. Proper drainage is identified for the excess water for hygiene and avoid hazard related to electrical equipment when wet. Comprehensive solutions developed with over 4 decades of experience in providing solutions ensure that you are deriving maximum benefit from the safety solutions while improving the overall productivity of the workers.

The equipment is regularly inspected by a team of experts for any kind of clogged openings/lines, valve leakage and adequate fluid volume. The non-functional parts can be replaced to prevent any kind of system break down at the time of an accident. Proper briefing of the workers is also essential to make them aware of the proper procedures involved behind operating the equipment.

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