RopeClimber Lifting Equipment

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    • Working Load up to 240kg and lifting speed up to 11,5m/min
    • Autonomy up to 8 hours depending on use. Battery powered
    • Usable by anyone with half-day training
    • Safety features: fall arrest device on the secondary rope, overload and top limit switch
    • Push buttons control box with emergency stop
    • Intuitive use, training as professional climber is not required
    • LED that informs about the state of charge of the battery as well as safety features
    • Equipped with wheels for easy transport
    • Versatile equipment. Lightweight and compact
    • Cost-efficient solution. Optimized time of installation
    • Ergonomic and comfortable for people working at height
    • All accessories are according to EN1808:2015
    • Applications: Maintenance of airport facades, hospital facades, commercial office and mall facades, skyscraper, confined spaces, electrical towers, wind turbine blades
    • Standard: Working at height legislation EN 1808:2015 | EN60204-1 Directive 2006 / 42 / EC

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The RopeClimber is a portable ROPE equipment and autonomous hoist for the lifting of one person or 2 with the 2m cradle. It is the ideal solution for facade maintenance and works at height as it is usable by anyone with a short training. The machine moves up by a lifting rope and it is secured by a safety rope with ASAP fall arrester. The RopeClimber can be used with a Bosun Chair, as a BackPack or on a cradle, in order to move up and down battery powered. Can be combined with roof anchor points, SafeAccess suspension rail, davit and tripods with rope winch forming a confined space rescue equipment. The machine can also be suspended from temporary roof anchor points.