RopeClimber cradle at the Tianjin International Convention Center Hotel

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RopeClimber cradle, climbing trolley and SafeAccess C rail, a fully autonomous and light battery powered system to access facades.

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The International Convention Centre in Tianjin is a unique building shaped by slopes and curves. Its facade is going inward at every floor. Located in the heart of the Tianjin Financial Centre, it is home to a five-stars hotel, a convention centre and several major financial corporations. Fallprotec designed and supplied a lightweight battery powered height access system.

A climbing SafeAccess C rail is integrated in the building’s canopy and merges into the architecture of the building. High friction trolleys powered by battery roll along the track. The RopeClimber cradle can reach any point of the concave facade thanks to restraint systems.

Installed products
600m of SafeAccess C rail
Battery powered climbing trolley
RopeClimber cradle carrying up to 2 people
Sloped sections up to 15°
Inward facade fitted with restraint systems for work positioning

Additional information

Dimensions 18 cm