Oil Absorbent Pad OPD90

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    • Spill Type: These Oil absorbents pads are suitable for absorbing a wide range of Lubricants, Hydraulic Oils, Cooking Oils, Vegetable, Oils, Transformer Oils, Other oil-based liquids, Fuels
    • Absorption Capacity: 90 Liters/Case
    • Size: 15” X 19”
    • Color: White
    • Application: While handling and transferring oils, fuel in the workplace
    • Recommended Industries: Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Construction, Automotive, Mining, Transportation, Power & Energy, Food Processing, General Manufacturing.
    • Storage: Keeping the absorbents out of direct sunlight, clean and dry area.
    • Composition: Polypropylene


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These Oil absorbent pads are dust-free
Don’t leave fibers in the liquid
General day to day clean-ups and operations in the workplace
High Absorbency capacity with plain construction and simple to use
Pads are ideal for cleaning up small spills, wiping down contaminated areas
Helps to fast and effective containment and clean-up
They will float on the surface and absorb any oil, diesel floating on the water
Easy to use during a spill accident
Economical Choice to absorb Oil-based fluids
Repels Water
Floats on water