LDV075 – Fall arrest Zip! for inclined lifeline 30°-60 °

Quick Info

    • Fall arrest ZIP! for inclined lifeline 30º-90º
    • The LDV075 glider is used on sloped section
    • The glider is engaged on the line at the bottom end
    • Intuitive use
    • Ergonomic: smooth passing of the anchors
    • Robust and lasting material in stainless steel
    • Broad range of products, covering every configuration (floor, wall, ceiling, slope…)
    • Material: Stainless Steel AISI401, AISI304 & AISI17.4PH
    • Breaking Strength: >30 KN
    • Standard: Compliant with EN795: 2012 Type C and CEN/TS16415:2013

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