Infrared Thermometer

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    • Non-Contact
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    • EN ISO 13845:2016

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Method: Non-contact
Effective Distance: 1 to 5 cms
Temperature Range
Human body: 32.0-42.9oC (89.6-109.2oF)
Object: 0-100oC (32-212oF)
Human body +0.2oC/0.4oF
Object +1.0oC/1.8oF
Resolution: 0.1oC/oF
Memory: Automatic recall of previous reading
Display: LCD back-list display
Reading Scale: Celcius or Fahrenheit
Automatic Shut off: In 30 seconds
Dimensions: 93mm*163mm*41mm*
Standard: EN60601-1; EN12470-5; ASTM1965-98

Working Condition: 16oC~35oC (60.8oF~95oF) RH: 85% Non-Condensing
Storage Condition: -20oC~55oC (-4oF~131oF) RH: 93% Non-condensing
Power Supply: D.C. 3V 2AA Alkaline Battery (not included)
Power consumption: When OFF: 10mW
When ON: 30mW
Power Level indicator: Indication for low power level