Flash & Grip: AFG

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  • Composite and Arc Flash Gloves
  • Bicolor composite gloves available in several sizes and lengths
  • Integrated mechanical protection: no need of leather protector
  • Arc flash rated by a third party notified body: box test and ATPV
  • Standard: EN 60903:2003 – IEC 60903:2014
    PPE Category III (Reg. EU 2016/425)
    IEC 61482-1-2
    ASTM F2675


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500 in stock


Technical specifications
Length: 41 cm
36 cm class 00, other classes on demand

Size: 6 to 12
Size 6 for class 00 and 0 only; class 3 and 4: 8 to 12
Refer to the table in the following page for more details

External colour: Red
Internal colour: Black
Category: RC

Insulating gloves 3 in 1: dielectric, mechanical and arc flash protection
The unique formulation of the rubber compound makes Flash & Grip gloves extremely flexible
Bicolour: it makes the visual inspection easier
Each pair of composite gloves is supplied with one pair of cotton fingerless under gloves to improve
comfort; it’s recommended to replace regularly the cotton gloves for hygienic reasons

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